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Life is all about the journey! Many of us (24,000 of us) have chosen to live in Page County where quality of life matters. Our streets are safe. Our schools are full of caring educators. We have modern medical facilities and qualified practitioners. We have services and amenities that make it easier to live here and raise a family. There is sense of pride that resonates throughout our Valley, where generations of hard working folks have been conscious stewards of history and place. They volunteer and make things happen for the better of all. They take care of each other.

It is exciting to hear how one “happens” upon Page County and what keeps them here. Is it because we have an endless supply of recreational opportunities or “Big Box” is just not your thing and supporting local small business really means something?

In a perfect world, we would have jobs for everyone that lives here. Page County’s top employers include: Page County School Board, Masonite Corp, County of Page, Valley Health System, WalMart, Emco Enterprises, DNC P&R at Shenandoah National Park, Luray Caverns, and U.S. National Park Service.

Your commute to opportunities outside the county are no longer than trying to make it through 2 miles of city traffic. The reward for your out-bound drive is you get to LIVE here! You get to come home to a place that truly feels like home.

Need a house? We will help you find one!

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Bike to Work!

Bike to Work!


People of Page series

Locals chat about all things Page County!

Video 1: Thanks to a partnership with The Mimslyn Inn, the Town of Luray and grant from Virginia Tourism Corporation, Page County was able to make its first promotional video showing you little about Luray, Virginia and telling you a lot about Page County. We truly are a great place to visit and live!