connectivity survey

How Connected is Page County?

To better understand your internet connection, please take a few minutes and fill in the survey below. This will help us collect data and pinpoint areas of priority.

It is helpful to test your internet speed 3 different times throughout the day but we understand it may be difficult. Providing the data on just 1 test is perfectly fine. Thank You!

To test the speed of your internet, type internet speed test into your Google search bar. Choose a website link you feel comfortable with. You will be asked to hit a go button. Hit go and your download speed will be tested, then the upload speed will be tested in mbps. Write these numbers down. Remember testing 3 x’s throughout the day is ideal but one test of your speed is fine.

In the survey below, please type in those speeds. Use the same speed test website each time.


Questions about the survey?

Give us a call. 540-743-1216