Tip Jar Project Established to Promote Live Music

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Page County Economic Development is working to better organizing a viable Live Music Scene to enhance tourism, encourage arts entrepreneurship, and support the local small businesses.

Current small business barriers to hosting live music are copyright companies (ASCAP and BMI) expensive membership fees. These fees are determined by occupancy and are a financial burden on most of the smaller businesses located throughout the county. The Tip Jar Project, supported by funding from the Page County Economic Development & Tourism Office, will pay up to $500 toward these fees). 

In return, the small business will collaborate with other surrounding businesses to create a destination (neighborhood) music scene - organizing a plan for “Live Music” nights and musical acts contracted. Participating Tip Jar small businesses agree to pay a fair fee to the musicians and will advertise musical acts weekly using the County’s Tip Jar logo. 

The Tip Jar Project will begin to be known throughout the community as a County supported program intended to encourage performing arts efforts.

To participate or gather more information!

Contact Liz Lewis

Page County Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator


Liz Lewis